Electric Tricycle with Solar Ice Cream Battery Freezer

Huzhou transtec electrical appliances Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for refrigerators, freezers and air conditionerswhich can provide various kinds of special specification products and technology service for customers. We will provide you with high quality products and good service, satisfy your needs.


The product has three models. If you place a big order, you can choose color of the electric tricycle. And the solar freezer, can be used in many areas, especially the place where lack electricity.

We can supply you with electric tricycles and freezers for your needs.



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1.Q: Why choose us?

A: We are experienced. Our products are in good quality and reasonable price, and our service is well. We can satisfy your needs.

2.Q: What is the charging time?

A: It is depend on the temperature. In bad weather, it will use longer time than in strong sunlight.

3.Q: What if the product has something wrong?

   A: You could contact us so that we can know more about the trouble and help you handle it.


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