The Future of Doing Business on Wheels

Time:2018-08-21 Click:1507


It’s safe to say that most city planners understand the importance of traffic flow. How people can get from one place to another, and how each of those places are explored. If a particular area is popular, city planners work to make that area more accessible and enjoyable.

Bike lanes and car free zones are most often the best solution to this. Often, with big box stores regulated to city outskirts. This leaves lots of wiggle room for small business owners and entrepreneurs to take stake.

Owning and Operating a business from a bike just might be the best new way to peddle! Like your own market share space with lanes butting you right up to, alongside, from behind, and right in front of potential customers!

Running a business on a bike is becoming the new way to do business. You can literally pedal circles around your competitors!

Just as well, with so much shopping being done online, people are spending more time taking walks. Why not roll right up and offer them an experience not available through their internet browser.

Market and advertise your business on a bike to exemplify your brand as one that’s connected to the community. Start a line of marketing activation bicycles that reflect these new city environments.

An eco-friendly business that correlates itself to the natural flow of traffic – not one that creates it!


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