How to Run a Business on a Bike!

Time:2018-08-21 Click:1169


Stuck in a brick and motor? Out of cash for pumping gas into a food truck? Muscles strained from pulling around a food cart? Maybe you have a business that needs some new wheels!

Turn your company building into a bike! Get off the food truck and peddle your business the eco-friendly way. Give your company a new kind of speed – bicycle speed!

With the rising trend of cities becoming more, and more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, the expansion of car free downtown areas and public spaces is increasing. Pedestrian byways and ample cycle lanes are becoming the new norm of city development.

This new trend is a turn of the tide for small business owners! A potential gold mine! Just imagine a whole new form of foot traffic. A much different form of foot traffic. An increased spike in foot traffic that’s encouraged to stay in Downtown and public park areas.

A burgeoning estate of untapped market potential! More people out means more hands to trade money and more people to talk about it.

Foot traffic to your business or your business to the foot traffic! With so many new bicycle and walking routes springing up, doing business by bike has never been easier.

Just think of anything someone might want to buy, put the word bike at the end of it, and you’ve now created a niche market for an already existing one.

A beautiful, quick and easy business strategy that’s good for your health, the environment, and your wallet! No more rent. No more need to bring people to you.

Roll out to your customers and give them something to gawk at! A business on wheels that looks great, feels great to ride, and fits snugly just about anywhere.


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